Capri, Italy

65th SIF National Congress

Anacapri, 28-30 September 2014


Local Organisers

Antonio Colantuoni

Bruno De Luca
Giovanna Liverini
Carla Perrone Capano
Adolfo Sadile
Paolo Mondola
Marcellino Monda
MariaRosaria Santillo
Bruna Guida
Annamaria Belfiore

SIF 2014 Programme & Abstracts, book cover

[27 Sep 2014] NEWS

The volume
65th SIF National Congress:
Programme & Abstracts

has been published, with ISBN 9788894010503,
and will be distributed to all
Congress participants.


Sunday, 28 September


Registration  [Villa Orlandi]


Pre-meeting Symposium  [Villa Orlandi, Aula 4]

Physiology and Philosophy: historical perspectives

Chairs: F. Conti and A. Colantuoni

Giovanni Berlucchi (Verona)

Fiorenzo Conti (Ancona)

Ernesto Paolozzi (Naples)

Giancristiano Desiderio (Caserta)


Opening Cerimony  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]


Lecture  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Gerald A. Meininger (Columbia, MO, USA)

Vascular smooth muscle contraction: integrating the activity of the cytoskeleton with extracellular matrix adhesion


Parallel Oral Communications

Metabolism, Nutrition and System Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: M. Marino and M. Monda

Alberto Battezzati (Milan)

Gender differences in the metabolic, endocrine, and eating physiological responses to a mixed meal

Ana Cavka (Osijek, Croatia)

High dietary salt intake impairs vascular reactivity in both micro- and macrocirculation in young healthy individuals

Martina Di Maro (Naples)

Lipid profile and dietary phytosubstance supplement

Teresa Mastantuono (Naples)

Effects of hypocaloric diet on microvascular blood flow oscillations in newly diagnosed hyperglycemic obese females

Espedita Muscariello (Naples)

Nutritional management in sarcopenic obese old peoples

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
[Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: N. Belluardo and C. Grassi

Camilla Alessi (Pavia)

Sodium and calcium conductances promote depolarizing afterpotentials in medial entorhinal cortex layer-II stellate cells

Gerardo Biella (Cernusco Lombardone)

Comparative functional evaluation of medium-sized spiny neurons differentiated from human embryonic- and induced- stem cells

Giorgia Fattorini (Ancona)

Glutamate and GABA co-release in cortical axon terminals

Maria Miniaci (Naples)

Activation of 5-HT7 receptors depresses excitatory synaptic transmission at parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses in mouse cerebellar cortex

Davide Viggiano (Campobasso)

Visualization of dopamine release in periglomerular cells of the rodent olfactory bulb

Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise  [Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: R. Bottinelli and G. Ferretti

Marco Bernardi (Rome)

Maximal Lipid oxidation in paralympic winter athletes with locomotor impairments

Carlo Capelli (Verona)

V’O2 kinetics in response to High-Intensity-Interval Training (HIT) and isoinertial resistance training (IRT) in older, healthy men

Fabio Esposito (Milan)

Effects of fatigue on the electromechanical delay components during relaxation in healthy subjects and in patients with Myotonic Dystrophy

Bruno Grassi (Udine)

Skeletal muscle oxidative function: the separate and combined effects of unloading and hypoxia

Ines Mrakovcic Sutic (Rijeca, Croatia)

Changes in innate immunity and cytolitic potential of peripheral blood mononuclear cells following intensive physical activity


Welcome Cocktail

Monday, 29 September


Parallel Symposia

SIF-SIRC joined Symposium
Mechanisms of cardiac protection and vascular remodeling  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: A. Pries and G. Alloatti

Pasquale Pagliaro (Turin)

Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in intracellular signaling and cardioprotection

Carlo Gabriele Tocchetti (Mercogliano, AV)

Inotropic effects and nitrosative stress

Francesco Moccia (Pavia)

VEGF-induced oscillations in intracellular [Ca2+] in endothelial progenitor cells to enhance cardiac revascularization

Axel R. Pries (Berlin, Germany)

Generating microvascular networks by angiogenesis, remodeling and pruning

Italian Physiological Society and Scandinavian Physiological Society joined Symposium
The cellular and molecular mechanisms that control muscle mass  [Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: R. Bottinelli and M. Kjaer

Kristian Gundersen (Oslo, Norway)

Muscle memory in muscle mass regulation

Marco Sandri (Padua)

Novel signaling pathways that control muscle mass

Michael Kjaer (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Regulation of disuse-associated skeletal muscle loss: Influence of ageing

Roberto Bottinelli (Pavia)

The cellular and molecular mechanisms of disuse skeletal muscle atrophy

Emerging molecular players in synaptic vesicle homeostasis  [Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: L. Bubacco and E. Greggio

Luigi Bubacco (Padua)

Alpha-synuclein conformational states and their impact on vesicle trafficking

Elisa Greggio (Padua)

LRRK2 kinase activity controls synaptic vesicle function

Sabine Hilfiker (Granada, Spain)

Alterations in age-dependent spatial segregation of secretory vesicles induced by toxins and proteins associated with Parkinson's disease

Rafael Fernandez-Chacon (Sevilla, Spain)

CSP-alpha is required to maintain the readily releasable vesicular pool and synaptic vesicle recycling


Lecture  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

David A. Kass (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Reverse engineering cardiac resynchronization therapy - Dissecting basic mechanisms


Coffee break


Parallel Oral Communications

Cell Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: L. Ricci Paulesu and M. Motta

Roberta Accetta (Naples)

DUOX1/2-generated extracellular reactive oxygen species trigger oligodendrocyte differentiation

Elena Candelotti (Rome)

Development of membrane-permeant antioxidants against intracellular oxidative stress

Dominga Lapi (Naples)

Ellagic acid effects on cerebral hypoperfusion/reperfusion injury

Giulio Sancini (Monza)

The effect of diesel exhaust exposure on blood–brain barrier integrity and function

Giovanna Valenti (Bari)

Activation of CaSR signal transduction pathway impairs cAMP-dependent phosphorylation of AQP2 at S256 and reduces the osmotic water permeability in renal cells

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
[Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: C. Perrone Capano and F. Benfenati

Maria d'Adamo (Perugia)

Genetically induced dysfunctions of Kir2.1 channels: implications for short QT3 syndrome and autism-epilepsy phenotype

Lucia Leone (Rome)

A CREB-Sirt1-Hes1 circuitry mediates Neural Stem Cell response to glucose availability

Francesca Grassi (Rome)

Riluzole affects muscle sodium current and action potentials in vivo, not muscle fibrillations in ALS patients

Cristina Limatola (Rome)

Enriched environment reduces glioma progression in mice 

Carla Perego (Milan)

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy to unravel the impact of LRRK2/Park8 and its pathogenic mutants on neurotransmitter vesicle trafficking

Cardiovascular Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: G. Alloatti and A. Federici

Paola Bagnoli (Pisa)

Anti-angiogenic activity of the urokinase receptor-derived peptide UPARANT: a novel therapeutic for the treatment of angiogenesis-dependent eye diseases

Nicola Brown (Sheffield, UK)

Integrin antagonist GLPG0187 modulates angiogenesis and prostate cancer cells homing to bone using an in vivo model

Monica Carmosino (Potenza)

Functional characterization of a newly identified LMNA mutant, in HL-1 cardiomyocytes

Massimo Dal Monte (Pisa)

Genetic deletion of β1- and β2-adrenergic receptors rescues the retina from hypoxia-induced pathologic angiogenesis

Ines Drenjancevic (Osijek, Croatia)

Shift in arachidonic acid metabolites production underlies cerebrovascular reactivity to changes in pO2 and hyperoxygenation




Poster Session I


Parallel Symposia

SIF–SINU joined Symposium
Physiological involvement of gut-microbiota and brain susceptibility to nutrition
[Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: F. Brighenti and G. Nardone

Peter Malfertheiner (Magdeburg, Germany)

Gut microbiota and digestive implications

Gerardo Nardone (Naples)

Gut microbiota and cardiometabolic involvement

Daniele Del Rio (Parma)

Diet–microbe interaction in the gut: the peculiar case of dietary polyphenols

Salvatore Fusco (Rome)

Metabolism-related cognitive impairment: epigenetic modifications linking diet and brain health

Interrogating neurons with light
[Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: F. Benfenati and M. Mazzolini

Monica Mazzolini (Trieste)

Novel optical approaches for single molecule activation in rod photoreceptors

Silvia Pittolo (Barcelona, Spain)

Stimulation of a GPCR with an allosteric azobenzene-based photoswitch

Tommaso Fellin (Genoa)

Optogenetic dissection of neuronal circuits underlying spontaneous cortical oscillations

Fabio Benfenati (Genoa)

Optogenetic regulation of the transcription of neural genes

Environmental stress and physiological responses: new perspectives and applications  [Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: E. Fabbri and T. Schettino

Reinhard Dallinger (Innsbruck, Austria)

Evolution and physiology of the Metallothionein gene family in Gastropods: from multitask stress response towards metal-selective functionality

Maria Giulia Lionetto (Lecce)

Carbonic anhydrase and chemical pollutants: new applied perspectives

Maria Marino (Rome)

Identification of human exposure to endocrine disruptors: what we learned from BPA molecular mechanisms

Stefania Crispi (Naples)

Effects of bisphenol A on gene expression in adipocytes from lean children: association to metabolic disorders


Coffee break


Parellel Oral Communications

Metabolism, Nutrition and System Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: E. Fabbri and A. Battezzati

Sebastiano Banni (Cagliari)

Dietary high palmitic acid in sn-2 position of triacylglycerols may exert its physiological functions by modulating endocannabinoids and congeners biosynthesis

Rachele Garella (Florence)

GLP-2 reverses the effects of cisplatinum on the neurally-induced contractile responses in gastric strips from mice 

Lillà Lionetti (Naples)

Physiological response to chronic simultaneous exposure to high-fat diet and low doses of persistent organic pollutant: effect of exposure duration on hepatic mitochondrial lipid utilization and ER stress

Herbert Ryan Marini (Messina)

Brain function and nutrition: dual inhibition of cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase by flavocoxid protects against kainic acid-induced neuronal cell injury

Emanuela Viggiano (Naples)

AMP-activated protein kinase in the arcuate and lateral hypothalamic area is a candidate obesity promoter

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
[Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: P. Bagnoli and F. Conti

Simona Capsoni (Pisa)

Painless NGF rescues behavioral deficits and amyloidogenic phenotype in 5xFAD Alzheimer's model by acting on glial cells

Lucia Ciranna (Catania)

The serotonin receptor subtype 7 (5-HT7) modulates hippocampal synaptic transmission and plasticity: a possible novel therapeutic target in cognitive diseases

Luisa Cigliano (Naples)

The extracellular chaperone Haptoglobin binds beta amyloid and modulates its clearance in astrocytes

Marcello D'Amelio (Rome)

MAO-B inhibitor reverses Aβ-induced synaptic and cognitive deficit in Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alessandra Raspanti (Pavia)

Effects of early pharmacological treatment with a γ-secretase inhibitor on spontaneous and miniature synaptic activity in CA3 pyramidal cells in a mouse model of Down syndrome

Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise  [Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: C. Reggiani and G. Fanò-Illic

Francesco Bolzoni (Milan)

Transcranial direct current stimulation of the SMA enhances intra-limb anticipatory postural adjustments

Marcellino Monda (Naples)

Arm movement synchronization with an external rhythm

Vincenzo Lombardi (Florence)

A study of the nature of non-linear elasticity of the muscle sarcomere

Vincenzo Perciavalle (Catania)

High blood lactate levels and latency of visual evoked potentials

Gabriella Piazzesi (Florence)

The relation between the structure of thick filament and calcium activation in skeletal muscle

Cardiovascular Physiology  [Villa Orlandi, Aula 4]

Chairs: B. De Luca and P. Pagliaro

Nazareno Fagoni (Brescia)

The Q'-V'O2 diagram: an analytical interpretation of oxygen transport in arterial blood during exercise in humans

Timothée Fontolliet (Geneva, Switzerland)

Effects of gravitational acceleration on cardiovascular autonomic control in resting humans

Andrea Mazzatenta (Chieti)

Galanin selective expression in type I cells of human carotid body

Michele Miragoli (Rozzano)

Nano-scaled sarcolemmal mechanical modulation by scanning ion conductance microscopy: a novel technique for studying mechanosensing microdomains involved in arrhythmogenesis

Corrado Poggesi (Florence)

Myocardial dysfunction in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: primary effects of sarcomeric mutations versus secondary cardiomyocyte remodeling


Council of Physiology Professors
[Villa Orlandi, Aula 4]

Tuesday, 30 September


Parallel Symposia

SIF–SIECM joined Symposium
Oscillations in microvascular blood flow: physiological mechanisms
[Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: A. Stefanovska and G. Caimi

Aneta Stefanovska (Lancaster, UK)

Oscillatory components of microvascular blood flow and their physiological relevance

Antonio Federici (Bari)

Heart rate variability and autonomic cardiovascular control in functional somatic syndromes

Romeo Martini (Padua)

Oscillations in skin blood flow in young athletes

Rosalia Lo Presti (Palermo)

Hemorheology in metabolic syndrome

Exercise Capacity in ageing and disuse
[Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: C. Reggiani and A. Veicsteinas

Federico Schena (Verona)

Exercise capacity in active and sedentary elderly: the role of cardiopulmonary limitations

Massimo Venturelli (Milan)

Ageing sarcopenia: a systemic or peripheral phenomenon?

Antonio Paoli (Padua)

Muscle plasticity: from atrophy to hypertrophy

Russell S. Richardson (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Oxygen transport and utilization: the impact of aging and immobility

New evidence in pain modulation
[Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: A.M. Aloisi and C.A. Porro

Anna Maria Aloisi (Siena)

New evidence in gonadal hormones-induced effects in pain modulation

Flaminia Pavone (Rome)

New evidence in glia modulation of pain

Carlo Adolfo Porro (Modena)

New evidence in cognitive modulation of pain

Giandomenico Iannetti (London, UK)

Cortical responses to nociceptive stimuli and defensive movements


Lecture  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Nikolaus Plesnila (Munich, Germany)

Role of the cerebral microcirculation after subarachnoid hemorrhage


Coffee break


Parallel Oral Communications

Cell Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: P. Bagnoli and R. Serio

Erika Cione (Arcavarcata di Rende)

New aspect of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) physiology

Sandra Incerpi (Rome)

Effect of thyroid hormones on short-term responses in L-6 myoblasts. A role for ceramide?

Antonella Pantaleo (Sassari)

A new membrane repair mechanism in erythrocytes, its implications in cellular aging and its adaptive control by pro-oxidant polymorphisms

Lina Sabatino (Benevento)

Cladosporol A, a new peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) ligand
inhibits colorectal cancer cells proliferation through β-catenin/TCF pathway inactivation

Roberta Squecco (Florence)

Relaxin affects ion currents in colonic smooth muscle of the mouse 

Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise  [Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: A. Veicsteinas and F. Schena

Pasquale Bianco (Florence)

Mechano-kinetics of molecular motors and filaments studied with a dual laser optical tweezers

Paola Capitanio (Padua)

Altered Ca2+ handling in murine models of Malignant Hyperthermia 

Monica Frinchi (Palermo)

Quadriceps muscle proteomic profiling of exercise versus sedentary mdx mice

Marco Linari (Florence)

The relation between release of γ-phosphate and the working stroke of muscle myosin in situ

Feliciano Protasi (Chieti)

Lethal Exertional-Strokes in susceptible mice are prevented by drugs used to treat Malignant Hyperthermia in humans

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
[Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: L. Chelazzi and C. Limatola

Annalisa Bosco (Bologna)

Adaptation of saccades to objects influences object-size perception

Mara Fabri (Ancona)

Callosal contribution to the taste representation in the two hemispheres: an fMRI and DTI study

Enrica Santarcangelo (Pisa)

Revisiting the association between hypnotisability and blink rate

Andrea Sgoifo (Parma)

Pharmacological potentiation of endocannabinoid signaling exerts antidepressant-like effects in rats

Antonio Ivano Triggiani (Foggia)

Central autonomic control is related to Rolandic low beta rhythm at rest in human subjects




Poster Session II


Parallel Oral Communications

Cell Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula 2]

Chairs: E. Fabbri and T. Schettino

Filippo Acconcia (Rome)

Clathrin heavy chain regulates 17β-estradiol-induced cell proliferation

Elena Fabbri (Ravenna)

ABC transporters in mussel hemocytes: mRNA expression and activity modulation

Adriana Graziano (Catania)

Analysis of psychosine-induced damage in different cell types with and without GALC mutation

Giuseppe Procino (Bari)

Sympathetic modulation of water and solute balance in the kidney: a possible role of BAR3?

Grazia Tamma (Bari)

The water channel AQP2 is subjected to S-Glutathionylation, a novel post-translational modification associated with changes of intracellular redox state

Metabolism, Nutrition and System Physiology  [Congress Center, Aula 3]

Chairs: M. Motta and P. Mondola

Amilcare Barca (Lecce)

Expression of carnosine metabolism-associated genes in STZ-induced hyperglycemic mice

Giuseppe Calamita (Bari)

Aquaporin-9 and hepatic glycerol permeability in a murine model of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Lucantonio Debellis (Bari)

Effect of fumonisins contaminated corn chyme on intestinal functional parameter

Giovanni Messina (Naples)

Exercise increases the level of plasma orexin A in humans

Valentina Pallottini (Rome)

Mechanism underlying Naringenin hypocholestrolemic effects: role of estrogen receptors

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
[Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Chairs: V. Perciavalle and C.A. Porro

Alessandro Cellerino (Pisa)

RNA sequencing provides new insights in the mechanisms controlling brain aging

Daniela Puzzo (Catania)

Role of the cell adhesion molecule F3/contactin in synaptic plasticity and memory in aged mice 

Eva Terzibasi Tozzini (Pisa)

Disruption of circadian rhythms induces neurodegeneration and impairment of adult neurogenesis 

Andrea Viggiano (Salerno)

Reactive oxygen species are involved in neuronal transmission within the trigeminal nuclei

Manolo Carta (Cagliari)

Influence of Tryptophan deficiency and supplementation on appearance of L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease

Cardiovascular Physiology  [Villa Orlandi, Aula 4]

Chairs: M. Cerra and M. Monda

Laura Battiloro (Naples)

Age-related changes in skin microvascular blood flow

Antonio Colantuoni (Naples)

Blood flow oscillations in rat pial microcirculation during brain hypoperfusion-reperfusion evaluated by laser speckle imaging

Matteo Pecchiari (Milan)

Strain dependence of microvascular failure and alveolar epithelium disruption during mechanical ventilation in normal open-chest rats

Elena Grossini (Novara)

Effect of human monomeric adiponectin on cardiac function and perfusion in anesthetized pig

Maurizio Mandalà (Arcavarcata di Rende)

The G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) induces vasodilation of small resistance uterine and mesenteric arteries from pregnant vs. non pregnant rats


Ruzzier Lecture  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Moritz Helmstaedter (Munich, Germany)

Connectomics: the dense reconstruction of neuronal circuits


Coffee break


SIF Prize  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

SIF General Assembly  [Congress Center, Aula Magna]

Election of the SIF Board of Directors


Social dinner

The poster's maximum size is 70 x 100 cm (width x height).


Correct format... poster should be PORTRAIT poster should NOT be LANDSCAPE Wrong format...


Monday, 29 September

Cell Physiology

P1.1 Francescaromana Bodega (Milan)
Pleural mesothelium lubrication after phospholipase treatment
P1.2 Angelica Bontempo (Messina)
Anion transport across erythrocyte membrane and reversibility of band 3 protein sulphydrylic groups oxidation in canine leishmaniasis
P1.3 Roberta Costa (Messina)
Electrophysiological response elicited by Pelagia noctiluca crude venom in human cells
P1.4 Roberta Dal Magro (Monza)
Development of solid lipid nanoparticles for antimicrobial drug delivery
P1.5 Giorgio Fanò-Illic (Chieti)
Role of oxidative stress induced by hypobaric hypoxia on skeletal muscle regeneration and epigenetic signature in young female subjects
P1.6 Rosamaria Fiorini (Ancona)
Lipid composition and physico-chemical properties of gill mitochondrial membranes from Mytilus galloprovincialis
P1.7 Giorgio Fois (Ulm, Germany)
The Lamellar body as a Calcium mobilizing lysosomal vesicle
P1.8 Stefania Fulle (Chieti)
An in vitro evaluation of differentiation and microRNA expression of Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DPSCs) grown on titanium scaffold 
P1.9 Maria Elena Giordano (Squinzano)
Zonulin immunolocalization in human intestinal duodenal epithelium of  patients with Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome (SNAS)
P1.10 Eglantina Idrizaj (Florence)
Relaxin affects the spontaneous depolarisations in colonic smooth muscle of the mouse
P1.11 Giuseppa La Spada (Messina)
Crude venom from the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) affects Regulatory Volume Decrease in HEK 293 cells
P1.12 Debora Lo Furno (Catania)
Time course of chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue
P1.13 Michele Maffia (Lecce)
Prion protein-dependent regulation of the endothelial function in a primary cell model
P1.14 Antonella Muscella (Lecce)
Purinergic receptors in a pleural mesothelioma cell line
P1.15 Rosalba Parenti (Catania)
Wilm’s Tumor Gene 1 (WT1) silencing influences the growth of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor SNF96.2 cell line
P1.16 Maria Pascale (Fisciano, SA)
Biological characterization of a VEGF inhibitor peptides
P1.17 Cristiana Perrotta (Milan)
Nitric oxide, acid sphingomyelinase and syntaxin 4: how regulation of exo-endocytic pathways is implicated in tumor chemotherapy
P1.18 Valentina Rizzo (Messina)
Regulatory Volume Decrease in nematocytes is affected by crude venom from the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa)
P1.19 Federica Sereni (Pisa)
Role of β-adrenergic receptors in melanoma progression

Physiology of Motor Systems and Exercise

P4.1 Maria Angela Bagni (Florence)
The non cross-bridges stiffness increase after stretch of activated skeletal and cardiac muscle and its relation with titin isoforms
P4.2 Ilenia Bazzucchi (Rome)
Does CHO mouth rinse improve neuromuscular performance?
P4.3 Paolo Cavallari (Milan)
Latency of anticipatory postural adjustments depends on movement instruction, not on movement velocity
P4.4 Davide Cervia (Viterbo)
The deficit in nitric oxide signalling results in a coordinated mitochondrial homeostasis dysregulation and skeletal muscle impairment
P4.5 Barbara Colombini (Florence)
Force potentiation after stretch in intact mouse skeletal muscle fibres
P4.6 Clara De Palma (Milan)
Mir34a and mitochondrial impairment in a model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: identification of a possible novel therapeutic strategy

Cardiovascular Physiology

P5.1 Tommaso Angelone (Arcavacata di Rende, CS)
Cardioprotection induced by Catestatin (Chromogranin-A352-372) in rats with high-fat diet-induced obesity
P5.2 Maria Carmela Cerra (Arcavacata di Rende, CS)
Catestatin improves the Frank-Starling response in normotensive and hypertensive rat hearts acting as a physiological NO activator
P5.3 Sandra Imbrogno (Arcavacata di Rende, CS)
Nitric oxide and hypoxia resistance in the goldfish (Carassius auratus) heart

Tuesday, 30 September

Metabolism, Nutrition and
System Physiology

P2.1 Roberta Battinelli (Naples)
Intestinal absorption impairments in obese subjects
P2.2 Simona Bertoli (Milan)
Effect of ketogenic diet on glucose metabolism and subcutaneous and visceral abdominal fat
P2.3 Raffaella Crescenzo (Naples)
Fructose supplementation worsens the deleterious effects of short term high fat feeding on hepatic steatosis and lipid metabolism in adult rats
P2.4 Susanna Iossa (Naples)
Detrimental effects of high fat-high fructose diet on mitochondrial energetics in skeletal muscle
P2.5 Gabriella Laudiero (Naples)
The effects of hypolipidic diet and nutritional supplement on lipid metabolism in obese subjects
P2.6 Alessandro Leone (Milan)
Free thyroxine concentrations within the physiological range are associated with insulin resistance independently from age, sex, nutritional status, and abdominal visceral fat
P2.7 Giovanna Liverini (Naples)
Skeletal muscle alterations in mitochondrial proton leak, oxidative status and uncoupling protein 3 content during ageing
P2.8 Lucia Minichini (Naples)
Pre- and Postoperative Nutritional Status in Obese Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
P2.9 Maria Pina Mollica (Naples)
Differential effects of milk from distinct mammalian species on energy efficiency, inflammatory status and gut microbiota composition in rats
P2.10 Gilda Nasti (Naples)
Hypocaloric diet and nutritional supplement in glucose metabolic imbalance
P2.11 Alice Panariti (Monza)
Regional differences in lung matrix remodelling in hypoxia
P2.12 Alessandro Tafuri (Chieti)
Sperm forward motility is negatively affected by short-term exposure to altitude hypoxia
P2.13 Vittore Verratti (Chieti)
Physiological assessment of the lower urinary tract functions in  altitude hypoxia 

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology

P3.1 Luca Bragina (Ancona)
­Expression of presynaptic metabotropic glutamate receptors and GABAB in neocortical axon terminals
P3.2 Marianna Crispino (Naples)
Modulation of synaptosomal system of protein synthesis
P3.3 Valentina Di Liberto (Palermo)
Study of molecular mechanism involved in neuronal plasticity induced by magnetic stimulation in cultured hippocampal neurons
P3.4 Ugo Faraguna (Pisa)
Monitoring sleep in the age of smartphones: a validation procedure of accelerometric devices
P3.5 Marcello Melone (Ancona)
GLT-1 and GAT-1 as heterotransporters at cortical synapses
P3.6 Ivo Prigioni (Pavia)
EPS8 regulates differently K+ currents in mouse cochlear and vestibular hair cells
P3.7 Ilaria Rivolta (Monza)
Neuronal cells interacting with liposomes engineered for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease exhibit modifications in their electrical membrane properties
P3.8 Adolfo Sadile (Naples)
Prepuberal intranasal dopamine in an animal model of hyperactivity and attention deficit alleviates spatial attention, working memory, amino acid transmitters and synaptic markers at the prefronto-striatal interface
P3.9 Rossana Scuri (Pisa)
Effects of repetitive mandibular extensions on systemic and cerebral circulation in the rat
P3.10 Teresa Soda (Pavia)
Evidence for long-term synaptic plasticity at  the mossy fiber-Golgi cell synapse of cerebellar
P3.11 Carla Vetrugno (Lecce)
Transforming growth factor-β1 induces matrix metalloproteinase and cell migration in schwann cells
P3.12 Floriana Volpicelli (Naples)
Nurr1 and Lmx1a transcription factors cooperate to promote dopaminergic differentiation
P3.13 Stefano Zucca (Genoa)
Inhibitory control of spontaneous cortical activity
P3.14 Roberto Crnjar (Monserrato, CA)
PROP bitter taste signals are differently processed in two genetically different groups, PROP super-tasters and non-taster: a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study


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